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Δευτέρα, 23 Μαρτίου 2015


pic4.JPGΗ θερμοκόλληση που όλοι γνωρίζουμε και χρησιμοποιούμε έχει και κάποιες άλλες χρήσεις τις οποίες δε γνωρίζαμε.

1. Super Fast DIY Frame

With hot glue you don't need to do any nailing! Simply cut up wood to fit your picture, then butt joint the pieces together, securing with hot glue. Using thin pieces, glue a frame on top which will function as a lip for your picture to attach to. Secure your picture to the lip with hot glue!

2. Create a Seal

Whether you need an air tight or a water tight seal, using hot glue works really well. Here I make a seal on a DIY paint can with a soap dispenser pump attached to make my own pump can for finishing products.

3. Assembling Small Models

When you need instant holding power, such as when building small models, nothing beats hot glue. It's fast, it sets up really quickly, and it's surprisingly strong.

4. Attaching Under Cabinet Lighting

If you're looking to attach LED lighting underneath your cabinets, then using hot glue is a great idea!

5. Decorative Copper Pipe Connection

When you want to attach copper pipes together, however you don't want to do any soldering, then using hot glue is a great option, especially if you're doing a decorative project.

6. Attach Decorative Knobs (Faux Drawers)

If you're looking to attach knobs to faux drawers, or some other project, where you're not actually going to use the knobs, then use hot glue!

7. Holding Wood Together for Template Cutting

When you're looking to cut a template on several pieces of wood at the same time, attach several pieces of wood together with a small amount of hot glue. Then do your cuts, and after that you can separate the wood and all the pieces are the same!

8. Setting Wires on Wood

Sometimes it can be useful to attach wires to wood when doing a project. Using hot glue secures wires very well, and it will keep everything neat and organized.

9. Attaching Fabric To Wood

One of the easiest ways to attach fabric to wood is using your hot glue gun!

10. Setting Magnets in Wood

When you want to set magnets in wood and you don't want to mess around with epoxy or anything else that smells bad and takes a long time to dry, then hot glue is a great way to go. It sets up quickly, doesn't smell bad, isn't toxic and is surprisingly strong!

11. Making Soft Painting Pyramids Take advantage of how soft hot glue is and make molds out of it. Here I used an ice cube mold which I filled with hot glue. Once dried, I removed the glue, cut a few in half, and then hot glued the triangle on top of the square to make a stable pyramid. This is great to use when finishing a wood project, as it enables both sides to dry without scratching the wood or the finish.

12. Waterproofing LED Lights

When you connect LED lights with wires and you want to make it waterproof, one excellent way to go is to encase the wiring with hot glue. As soon as the hot glue hardens, you can put it in water!

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